Sole Trader Training for BBC Leavers

We’ve been hearing from a number of BBC leavers asking about what’s happening to our rather well-known ‘setting up as a sole trader’ course. This is because the BBC Careerlink service, which has been buying in our courses, shut 


Posted on 01 March 2017

Free support for new businesses

When I started my business (8 years ago) I benefitted hugely from free face-to-face advice provided by Business Link, the government agency designed to help small businesses set up and grow. Business Link still exists, but now it's a website (albeit a good one) and much of the training and free individual business guidance has


Posted on 03 October 2012

Hoorah for the King’s Speech – and the clever freelance

I tweeted yesterday that the King's Speech showed the value of the experienced freelance. Within a few minutes I had enough responses to demonstrate clearly that 140 characters are sometimes just not enough. So here' goes… There's a wonderful scene towards the end of the film where the King points out that Logue has no


Posted on 16 February 2011

New kit for the roving reporter

Trying to keep up with technology is never easy. Just when you thought you understood the ins and outs of the latest flash recorder or editing software something else arrives on the market. Two things happened to me this week which got me looking into equipment and software for reporting and carrying out interviews. Firstly,


Posted on 26 November 2010

BBC’s new challenges

In amongst all the talk of cuts to budgets and freezes on spending, my eye was naturally drawn to today's story (for example in the Guardian) about changes to the funding of the BBC.  Many papers (like the FT) have run stories focusing on the freezing of the licence fee for the next 6 years


Posted on 20 October 2010