Freelancers’ Business Guide ScreenSkills – ITF (London)

Creating a secure financial footing for your freelance career, particularly in difficult economic times, will leave you free to concentrate on being brilliant! This one day workshop shows you how to keep within the regulations and not waste time, whilst making the most of your finances. We’ll take a good look at: how tax works


Posted on 17 October 2019

Why our Finance for Freelancers workshop is different

In the run-up to this month’s Finance for Freelancers workshop in London (book here!), I saw an interesting comment on Facebook under BECTU’s ad for the course. The suggestion was that other organisations run free courses on tax, etc., so why bother with ours.


Posted on 08 July 2019

Video demo: Payslip record for PAYE freelancers

Keeping track of payslips is a bore. This is especially true if you’re the kind of freelancer who moves around a lot, and has bits and pieces of work with lots of different employers. I’ve devised a very simple spreadsheet which collects all your payslip info for the whole tax year in one place.


Posted on 28 June 2019

Freelancer Toolkit (ProConnect)

Workshop content Full of tips, discussion and practical exercises, this workshop will help you understand, organise and plan your freelance career more successfully. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and will receive handouts and links to useful spreadsheets and templates. It includes: Making the most of your money Types of freelancing Planning your freelance


Posted on 27 March 2018

Do you have rights over ‘your’ footage?

I'm often asked about who has rights to creative content. Is it you? Or the person who asked you to do the work? Or both? Not being an IP (intellectual property) lawyer I usually look at the ceiling and start to sound evasive. More usefully you could turn to someone clever, like the firm Briffa.


Posted on 02 March 2012