Sole Traders will pay Class 2 NI for another year

Hot off the presses we hear that Class 2 National Insurance will NOT be abolished in April 2018 as planned, but will continue for


Posted on 03 November 2017

Humanising Wikileaks

How is the British media coping with Wikileaks? As a broadcaster, journalist and trainer it's a good question to ask at the end of another fascinating week. It's been difficult to remember at times that Wikileaks is not the same as Julian Assange. And as John Naughton says, the real story here is the former,


Posted on 09 December 2010

We’ve got the new politics. Now we need a new phrase book.

If the country said anything in last week’s extraordinary election it was that they want politicians to earn their right to positions of power.  Part of that test is to demonstrate the ability to cooperate across traditional boundaries. We’re not used to seeing this played out in Westminster politics, and certainly not in the papers.


Posted on 14 May 2010

Budget headline watching for beginners

There was enough in this year's budget to keep every headline writer happy, so I'm looking forward to browsing thought the newsstand tomorrow morning. Most will probably focus on the devilish old labour plan to up the top rate of tax. I hereby predict that they will ignore the fact that 1% of the population


Posted on 22 April 2009

More on twits, tweets and twitter

Enormous number of responses (well about 3, but one was actually online – thanks James) to my last blog about Twitter etc.. I've now met quite a few people who are almost as confused as me. One trainee said she uses Twitter for work-related messages, and Facebook for proper friends. But is now wondering if


Posted on 17 March 2009