Training for Trainers and Presenters

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The course materials for your workshop can be downloaded below.

The learning materials:

The templates

Lesson plan template

Client timetable template

Your learning points

At the end of the day you came up with the following points to remember and implement:

  • You need to put aside time to prepare…
    1. …structure
    2. …key learning points for your training
    3. …exercises
    4. …timings – time disappears when you open up the group and invite questions or exercises
  • Use the space available
  • Don’t preach – it’s about them learning, not about you teaching
  • Use your body language to show you’re engaging with all the participants
  • Less is more – keep it simple
  • Visualise more clearly

What our clients say:

The fact that the trainer has been a sole trader and gone through the process himself was great. He really knows his subject.
Lia, BBC leaver


We are proud to have provided training for the following clients