Video demo: Payslip record for PAYE freelancers

Last Updated on 28 June 2019

Keeping track of payslips is a bore. This is especially true if you’re the kind of freelancer who moves around a lot, and has bits and pieces of work with lots of different employers.

I’ve devised a very simple spreadsheet which collects all your payslip info for the whole tax year in one place.

It also acts as a prompt, to remind you to check each payslip in case mistakes have been made or you don’t understand what’s going on.

A common source of confusion is where someone does a few days work and discovers NI has been deducted but income tax has not. (Lots more on this in handout 2f.)

You can find the payslip record template on the usual download page.

And here’s a short video demo of how it works.

Feedback very welcome!

Posted on 28 June 2019

  1. Colin said:

    Hi David,

    On the payslip excel I have added columns for Student Loan and Pension payments by copy & Pasting the formatted cells but this clearly isn’t the right way of doing it as these amounts are not reducing the total amount earned.

    Are you able to help me make this possible?


    • David said:

      Hi Colin

      Many thanks for taking the trouble to alert me to this. I’ve updated the downloadable spreadsheet to include a column for student loan deductions and workplace pension contributions.

      Your own sheet will work, but you will need to ensure that the formula in the ‘My Money’ column includes the two new columns you’ve just inserted.

      For example, if it originally said =E3-F3-G3”, you’ll need to minus the new columns too. e.g. “=E3-F3-G3-H3-I3”

      I hope that helps!

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