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This website uses two cookies to help us operate the site more effectively:

1/ Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to analyse how visitors use the site. Google Analytics uses cookies, which are small text files placed on your computer to collect anonymous information.

No personally identifiable information is collected and we at David Thomas Media cannot tell who has browsed through the site.

Google Analytics does, however, let us know which country someone is in if they visit the site, how they came to the site (for example a Google search) and what sort of browser they use.

Your IP address is also collected when you visit a site like ours that uses Google Analytics. This typically narrows down a visitor’s position to within around 50km.

We do not use IP address information in any way to identify users, or computers.

Google also says it will not associate your IP address collected through Google Analytics with any other Google product.

For further information about Google Analytics please visit: (opens in new window)

We have set the retention period for Google Analytics information to 26 months. This enables us to look back at a couple of yearly patterns of use of our site. After this period Google deletes all the data.


2/ Cookie for logging in

If you have been given a log in (for example during one of our workshops) a cookie is placed on your computer when you log in to get your course materials.

This is so that you can continue to access the resources in the future without having to put in your password every time you visit the page.

Our usernames/passwords for course materials are generic; the same information is given to more than one person attending that workshop. This means that we cannot identify you personally.


A note about Facebook

We have removed the Facebook ‘Like’ button from our site, as we feel we do not have enough control over how Facebook is using information collected by like buttons.

In short – we do not collect or use your personal information through cookies. Your privacy is very important to us.

Read more: Our privacy policy

Please Contact us if you have any questions.

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The fact that the trainer has been a sole trader and gone through the process himself was great. He really knows his subject.
Lia, BBC leaver

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