Getting Organised

What is it?

Trainees having funA full day workshop which helps you to take control of your time and career to build success.

Who’s it for?

Perfect for anyone who is freelance or running a small business, but finds time management and stress management a challenge. We also help you think about your longer term career plan.

It’s particularly useful for creative people working closely with others to tight deadlines, especially in production teams.

What’s in it?

Areas covered in the workshop are:

  • time management techniques
  • work/life balance for freelancers and business people
  • planning your career and your skills
  • recognising stress – and dealing with it
  • managing work relationships in pressured situations

What do you get out of it?

Plenty of tips on how to structure your day and how not to be distracted by Facebook or that pile of dirty washing.

Some space to consider where you are headed in your career and what skills you need.

You’ll also come away with a greater understanding of how to spot stress and deal with it when work in creative environments.

You’ll understand the importance of taking control wherever you can.

What’s so special?

The trainer for this course is David Thomas.


“I developed this training course because I know what it’s like to work in creative teams to very tight deadlines.

Being freelance or running a small business you have to deal with the stresses of not knowing where your next work is coming from while making sure you have a personal life.

During this course we will draw on my 30 years of running creative teams at the BBC and then setting up my own business.

The course is special because it combines time management, career management and stress management. The three essentials for a happy working life!”

Want to find out more?

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Any questions?

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