Fiddling with your National Insurance

Figures below were correct as of 8 March 2024 More changes to National Insurance (NI) were announced by the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt on Wednesday (6 March 2024). As it happens, I was training at Channel 4 that day, so we were able to look at how NI was at the beginning of the day, and


Posted on 08 March 2024

What does the new Health and Social Care Levy mean for freelancers? Answer: NOTHING!

[Big update: The Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng has announced on 22 September 2022 that this new levy for the NHS has been abolished. As of 6 November 2022 National Insurance increases have therefore been reversed. (They applied only between July-October 2022.) This blog is now of historical interest only!] The Westminster government invented a new tax


Posted on 09 September 2021

Budget: March 2021 – Coronavirus support for freelancers

There are three types of freelancer in the creative industries. This post looks at how announcements made by Chancellor Rishi Sunak on 3 March 2021 affect each type. It focuses on coronavirus support. For an outline of each type of freelancer, go here > Read about announced tax changes in my separate post > Sole


Posted on 03 March 2021