How’s your webinar etiquette?

A side effect of lockdown has been a growing familiarity with online socialising, whether it’s a Zoom pub quiz, a family gathering by WhatsApp video, or a jazz night live from Eastbourne via FaceBook Live. As a trainer, I’ve also spent many hours running courses online using Zoom and ClickMeeting. And we’ve all been getting


Posted on 03 May 2020

Survive and Thrive as a Freelancer (NUJ Training Wales): WEBINAR

Many people enjoy what a freelance life can offer. Choice and flexibility. But with these comes the need to be organised and on top of your finances. Already working in a rapidly changing media environment, with no guarantee of ‘a job’ in the industry, now more than ever freelance journalists find themselves in a precarious


Posted on 14 April 2020

The TV Mindset Wellness Morning (WEBINAR)

Panellists include: Adeel Amini, Freelance Producer & Founder of The TV Mindset Donna Taberer, Head of Talent at BBC Content Dr Hazel Harrison, Clinical Psychotherapist David Thomas, Trainer in freelance finance skills Lucy Tallon, Mental Health Programme Manager, at The Film and TV Charity Sarah Lee, Founder of The Talent Manager Tracy Forsyth, Creative Mentor


Posted on 24 March 2020

Survive and Thrive as a Freelancer (Cardiff): WEBINAR

(If you signed up for the one-day face-to-face version of this, you will have a separate email from NUJ Training Wales regarding refunds). Many people enjoy what a freelance life can offer. Choice and flexibility. But with these comes the need to be organised and on top of your finances. This is especially true at


Posted on 14 February 2020

Taking the sting out of 31 Jan tax deadline

You might be vaguely aware that the 31st January is an important deadline for tax affairs. In fact it’s two deadlines:


Posted on 14 January 2019

5 top time management tips for busy parents

Listen to our podcast chat about my top time management tips with Veena V at Mum to Millionaire.


Posted on 28 September 2015

Getting your life back

We had a great discussion in yesterday's 'Setting up as a Sole Trader' workshop about time management: when to be 'on duty' for your business; how to switch off without feeling guilty about work; how to concentrate on work without feeling guilty about all the housework, etc…. Then I read this article about a new phone,


Posted on 23 September 2015

Simplified accounting for sole traders (webinars)

I'm often asked by trainees on our self-employment workshops where to get more information about keeping records. The short answer is 'the horse's mouth'. HMRC have been developing a series of webinars aimed at new small businesses. I've taken part in some of the live webinars and they are very friendly and helpful. I find


Posted on 02 June 2014

Self-employment and financial skills

There have been a couple of announcements this week which caught my eye and should be of interest to anyone who is going into self-employment, doubly so if you have school-age children. Firstly, the Office for National Statistics revealed that there's been a sharp increase in people becoming self-employed. Full marks to the Daily Mail


Posted on 11 February 2013

OMG- Not ANOTHER change to VAT!

Outlines some of the implications for small businesses and freelances of the rise in VAT on 4 Jan 2011. Includes some info about the flat rate scheme for small businesses.


Posted on 06 December 2010