End to late payment problems?

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The Spring Statement by the Chancellor got rather overlooked yesterday, what with the government falling apart a bit.

It’s worth picking up on one thing though. There seems to be a concerted effort to stop companies paying late for work completed.

Everyone knows that cash flow is all important for a small businesses, and late payments are a scourge.

Of course unscrupulous payers might find ways around any changes, so the answer posed in the title of this blog is probably ‘no’. But it sounds like there’s another attempt (at last) to do something.

You can read a short response from the Federation of Small Business here.

And don’t forget, there are already ways of putting polite pressure on clients to pay you. I’ve banged on about this many times in this blog.

Don’t take it personally if they misbehave. It’s often not malicious. They’re just inept.

Posted on 14 March 2019

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