Finance for Freelancers (FEU Webinar)

Thu 26Nov2020

It’s a challenging time for creative freelances and this means that it’s more important than ever to make sure that your finances are in shape. Essential for every freelance, this workshop will help you improve your financial management from how to work out your tax to cash flow forecasting.

From 10:30 until 16:15

Venue: FEU using Zoom

Federation of Entertainment Unions


We’ll look at some big changes coming up in the way freelance professionals will deal with the tax office. And, we’ll address any questions you might have about the Government’s Coronavirus support schemes.

Full of tips, discussion and practical exercises, this workshop will help you understand, organise and plan your finances more successfully. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and will receive handouts and links to useful spreadsheets and templates. It includes:

  • Making the most of your money
  • Types of freelancing
  • How tax works and how 'Making Tax Digital' will affect you
  • Getting organised to manage your finances
  • VAT: important issues for freelances
  • Improving the process of getting paid
  • Planning for success
  • How not to run out of cash.

Who should attend

Freelances who wish to improve the way in which they handle their finances. No financial training or experience is assumed.

Expected learning outcomes

The workshop aims to provide you with a better understanding of how to plan and organise your finances. You will more clearly understand the importance of good record keeping and how to maintain cash flow along with issues surrounding tax and national insurance.

What equipment do you need?

It would be helpful if you had a pen and paper and your mobile to hand during this webinar as we may use them for some interactive exercises.

To access the online workshop:

  • Laptop and desktop computer with reliable wi-fi connection
  • Free account with Zoom, with free Zoom application downloaded to your computer.

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Posted on 29 October 2020

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