Networking skills for freelancers (ScreenSkills/ITF)

Fri 07May2021

Taking control of finances is always a challenge when you freelance in the creative industries, but especially so at the moment.

From 1pm until 2pm

Organised by ScreenSkills/ITF

Networking is one of the main ways that freelancers find work and keep in the loop. But how do you network without coming across as pushy? And does networking only suit extroverts? (Answer: no!)

In this 75-minute webinar we look at ways to engage with people who don't know you, and how to plan your approach to meetings and events. We'll also look at how important social media can be in supporting your face-to-face meetings.

There will be plenty of interaction and we'll be demonstrating how networking is really about helping people to get to know you.

We will look at:
• what networking is really about, and why people often get it wrong
• how to prepare for meetings and events
• good practice for online meetings
• some tips for online profiles

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Posted on 31 March 2021

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