Survive and Thrive as a Freelancer (NUJ Training Wales): WEBINAR

Thu 16Apr2020

How to enjoy freelancing by keeping on top of finances and looking for the next job, in spite of the challenges of COVID-19

From 10:30 until 12:30

Venue: Online - registration via NUJ Training Wales

Organised by NUJ Training Wales

Many people enjoy what a freelance life can offer. Choice and flexibility. But with these comes the need to be organised and on top of your finances.

Already working in a rapidly changing media environment, with no guarantee of 'a job' in the industry, now more than ever freelance journalists find themselves in a precarious and changing situation, particularly in light of the Coronavirus outbreak.

This workshop will give you an insight into freelance working - whether you're new to the industry or looking to go freelance.

Who is the webinar aimed at?

The participants will be mainly new to freelancing in the creative industries, particularly journalism.

No freelance experience will be necessary but the workshop will be a useful refresher for more experienced freelancers (including journalists who offer PR/Comms as part of their freelance portfolio).

The webinar will:

• Help you gain an insight into the practicalities of a freelance lifestyle

• Provide tips and tools for better financial planning and effective networking

We will look at:

• Finance skills for freelancers - how to budget; splitting professional life from personal life

• Different types of freelance payments - PAYE, Sole Trader, Limited Company

• Tax and NI for freelancers

• Keeping records without wasting time - and the implications of HMRC’s new digital taxation 

• How to agree work

• How to chase payments

• How to plan your networking online and position yourself better for the end of the pandemic.

The webinar will be led by David Thomas. Print journalist Claire Rees will also join the discussion to offer her perspective on print freelancing, with plenty of colourful stories and useful tips. 

What you will learn:

Participants will come away with a clearer idea of how to organise themselves and plan to think like a business. They will understand the importance of good record keeping, and tax and NI implications. They will also have a better understanding of how networking works.

How to book: 
Click to book your place via NUJ Training Wales 

Other information:

We are offering this webinar free to workers resident in Wales. There is a strict limit on attendance, but we will consider running the session again if demand is high.

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Posted on 14 April 2020

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