Sustainable Development and the Media

One of my more interesting projects over the last 18 months has been developing two new guides to help development charities and media people understand each other better. 

Laudable and worthy though that may sound in general, this year it has a particular importance.

Development will be big news later this year when the UN agrees to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the planet in September, and big climate change talks happen in Paris in December. These could be really significant events.

In the next few weeks we're launching a website with information, advice and podcasts for charities on how to engage with the media, how to understand journalists, and how to clarify what on earth they are trying to say to a wider audience. More on that very soon.

Already available is a handy 'Journalist's Toolkit', which you can download as a PDF thanks to Stakeholder Forum and Civicus, our clients for all this.

It's aimed at bloggers, journalists and journalism trainers, and covers all the main topics surrounding development and poverty alleviation on our planet – water, climate, educating more women, battling corruption…you name it. We also relate each topic to the new UN goals.

So if you find sustainable development confusing, or you think journalists come from another planet, one of these guides will be just the ticket.

Posted on 02 April 2015

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