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Last Updated on 11 May 2023

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Did you know that 17th May is National Numeracy Day?

Me neither, but it gives me the chance to point out that there are plenty of resources out there to help people who might be a little scared of numbers.

One charity doing good in this area is National Numeracy, a driving force behind National Numeracy Day. They exist to promote maths and numeracy education “for the public benefit”, which is unarguably splendid.

Part of National Numeracy website
Part of the National Numeracy website

You may be surprised to learn that HMRC, yes, the tax people, are keen on better numeracy, and make a pretty good fist of explaining our unnecessarily complex tax system.

Check out the HMRC YouTube channel (really) on all sorts of tax-related topics.

There are also some decent basic explainers aimed at teenagers, which some adults might enjoy too! You can access some of this via

Part of the Tax Facts page at

I am not a natural numbers person myself, and many of the creative people I meet on my training courses are concerned that going freelance will be harder because they weren’t top of the class at maths.

Not so!

It’s possible to get on top of the basics with minimal help. Just check out the resources that are out there, including, of course, on this very site.

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Posted on 11 May 2023

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