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Last Updated on 11 May 2023

I suspect everyone poo-poos new tech as a threat to their job until they can see that it really is a moving a big tank onto their lawn.

I had a sudden ‘get off my land’ moment just a few days ago.

A panel discussion at the 2023 Media Production and Technology Show in London
Danny Hollingsworth, Cara Kotschy of Residence Pictures (centre) and Catherine Sumner (BBC Academy) discuss filling skills gaps in post production at the MPTS2023

I’ve attended a number of shows and exhibitions this month to hear about trends in training and creative production. AI was mentioned regularly, usually as something that might cut down on menial admin tasks.

The thing that made me sit bolt upright was a comment made during a fascinating panel discussion at the Media Production and Technology Show in Olympia. The topic was skills shortages in post production. Cara Kotschy of Residence Pictures mentioned that training was always a challenge because of cost and time pressures.

Then she said they’d been using AI to come up with the first draft of some post-production training courses.

As my jaw started to drop to the floor she added they’d gone on to use AI to come up with videos based on the content of the courses, which were themselves AI generated.

I nearly fell off my chair. If you’re a trainer like me, you know that course design and content are what you’re trained to get right. Could a computer really do that?

Well Cara was under no illusions. AI-designed training courses weren’t perfect, but they were fit for purpose (I paraphrase). Her final comment felt like a smack to my smug trainer’s head. “Zero cost on people and equipment”, she said.

So trainers of the world, wake up. You’re going to have to work harder to ensure people see the value that we add with all those years of experience.

Have you had experience of AI-produced training courses? Did you even realise it?
Let me know!

It’s all in the prompt

In the same vein, I can highly recommend this post from an excellent learning company called Emphasis that specialises in business writing skills. I’ve not worked with them, but I love their newsletters which are well written (of course) and cover all sorts of writing and grammar topics.


This post on using AI to help with proposal-writing is a real eye-opener, showing how important it is to prompt the AI in precisely the right way in order to get the best content out at the other end.

As a friend explained to me recently, specialist ‘AI Prompter’ is the new trendy job role that provides the link between ignoramuses like me, and really effective AI-produced content.

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Posted on 11 May 2023

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