Finance for Freelancers (Cult Cymru)

Thu 16Feb2023

A fun webinar for anyone who wants to be more organised with their money and understand how tax works. Perfect for people who hate spreadsheets.

From 10:00am until 1pm

Venue: Webinar using Zoom

Who’s it for?

Perfect for someone who’s a creative freelancer in Wales, whether new or experienced. We work a lot with people who are setting up on the own after redundancy.

We assume you’d prefer to hide under the duvet than do your expenses, so we go gently through ways of looking after money without getting bogged down in paperwork.

We don’t assume you know about tax, or even how to count without using fingers and toes.

By the end of the session you will be able to :

  • separate and quantify personal and business finances
  • know the difference between PAYE freelancing and self-employed status
  • understand how tax and NI work for freelancers of all types
  • meet current tax deadlines and prepare for HMRC’s Making Tax Digital project
  • draw up clear, written agreements with clients and employers
  • use invoices effectively, drawing on the UK’s late payment legislation
  • plan like a business

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Posted on 20 December 2022

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