Networking for freelancers (Cult Cymru)

Wed 03Mar2021

This Zoom session for freelancers in Wales looks at how networking works, and how we can make the most of it whether online or face to face.

From 10am until 12:30pm

Venue: Interactive workshop via Zoom

Hosted by Cult Cymru (Bectu, Equity, MU, WGGB)

Target group

New or established freelancers who want to polish their networking skills, raise their profile, keep in the loop and get better work. We focus on the creative industries. So you’ll probably be freelancing, or working in broadcasting, film making, advertising, theatre, writing, music, etc…

A lot of our trainees know networking is important but are nervous about talking to people they don’t know.

Or maybe you’re ok talking to people face-to-face but don’t know how to build social networks online.

We look at:

  • what networking is really about, and why people often get it wrong
  • how to prepare for engagements with potential clients
  • getting ready for post-lockdown events – good practice for online meetings with clients
  • what people find when they google you
  • how to polish your online profiles


By the end of the workshop trainees should be able to:

  • think differently about how people might perceive their skills
  • integrate face-to-face and social networking more effectively
  • identify good practice in networking one-to-one or in groups, with special reference to doing this online

The format

We will encourage group participation at various points, so be prepared to join in. It's good for networking!

We'll be using Zoom (check it out here), and it would be helpful (though not compulsory) if you had a computer with mic and camera so that you can take part in everything.

It would also be very helpful if you had your mobile phone to hand during the session as well a pen and paper. This will help with some of the interactive exercises.

Let your contacts know about this:

Posted on 16 February 2021

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