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Some of our online training is free to you because it’s funded by someone else.

  • Check out our webinars for freelancers and people going through redundancy
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If you’re a trainer check our free stuff for trainers page too >

Advice & support:

Check out our list of bodies that might provide emotional or financial support for creative freelancers:

Support page for freelancers >

Types of freelancer

Not sure what sort of freelancer you are?

We’ve drawn up a handy guide to the three types of freelancer each with a pretty icon:

Check out our ‘what is a freelancer’ guide >

NEW! Online calculators

We have some online tools which can help you budget and keep an eye on costs.

Monthly budgeting calculator – how hard do you need to work? >

Sole Trader? Try our new online calculator to work out ‘use of home’ expenses >

Video explainers (with captions)

The Film and TV Charity

These videos have been made in partnership with The Film and TV Charity to help freelancers feel more organised and confident about dealing with their finances.

Resources mentioned in the videos are listed below each one.

Freelancer’s routine planning grid >

Monthly budgeting sheet for freelancers >

Savings and Pensions help sheet >

Freelance cash flow planning spreadsheet >

Government support for freelancers:

The UK government has now wound down its support schemes such as the ‘furlough’ scheme used by employers, and the SEISS for sole traders.

If you have low income and need support, please check what you might be eligible for via these independent sites: > >

Think you might need Universal Credit?

View a video of a freelance floor manager describing what it was like to apply for Universal Credit >

Download slides with tips on controlling freelance finances >

Business templates:

For production and entertainment freelancers:

Spreadsheet – Monthly budgeting sheet for freelancers >

See our NEW online version >

Spreadsheet – Cash flow planner incl. PAYE income >

Spreadsheet – Income & Expense (Profit and Loss) for sole traders and small companies >

Business help sheets and advice:

Help sheet 2 – Types of business >

Help sheet 2f – Defining ‘freelancer’ status (film and TV) >

Sole Trader? Try our new online calculator to work out ‘use of home’ expenses >

Getting paid:

Help sheet 12 – How to agree work >

Help sheet 13 – Late payments and how to avoid them >

Invoice – template >
Invoice example with notes >

Getting organised:

A Q&A checklist to help freelancers plan like a business:

Help sheet 10 – Business planning tips for all >

A grid to help you plan your time when working from home:

Home work routine planner >

Savings and pensions when freelancing

Help sheet 1sp – Savings and pensions >

Networking skills

LinkedIn tips and tricks > (2 pages)

Keep well. Keep positive!

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Although every effort has been made to provide accurate tips and information, David Thomas Media Ltd accepts no responsibility for any errors, omissions or out-of-date facts. Trainees are advised to seek up-to-date professional advice on all financial and tax matters before making decisions relating to these subjects. Nothing in our notes, courses, webinars, downloads or social media should be considered as financial advice.
We believe our tips are useful - but they are only tips!

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Setting up as a Sole Trader (full-day workshop with breaks)

Small group training for creative people going through redundancy and/or wanting to set up a business of their own. This interactive course runs across the day using Zoom.

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