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What is online training?

Distance learning, online training, web-based training. These are all phrases that refer to courses where the trainer and learner are not in the same room.

Some web-based training is ‘live’, and some is just video recordings which people can access at any time.

Here are David Thomas Media, we have 15 years of experience of writing online courses for clients such as the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (now the Public Media Alliance), and running live webinars for the Federation of Entertainment Unions.

What is a webinar?

This is short-hand for a live training session with some degree of interactivity.

Typically a presenter and the participants log in to a special site, and there is a mixture of ‘show and tell’ and questions from the participants.

Questions are usually typed in an onscreen chat box, although some webinars allow participants to ask questions in audio or even video.

Our experience is that it works best if webinars are kept short, up to an hour maximum. People just don’t feel comfortable staring at a screen for longer than that.

The screen layout varies, but below is an image taken from a finance webinar, with slides in the middle of the screen and the presenter on the right. The chat box is shown along the bottom of the screen in this example.

Can all courses be run this way?

Up to a point. Some subjects lend themselves better than others. We have experience running webinars in finance for freelancers, and stress-busting for freelancers. The key is keeping things short, focused and technically simple.

Are there any technical requirements?

Participants need access to broadband, and ideally have a screen big enough to see any slides and examples.

Modern webinar or meeting software, such as Zoom, is easy to use and free for trainees.

Some participants may find audio or video drops out if their connections are not robust enough.

Can people view the session afterwards?

Live sessions can usually be recorded and viewed later. Participants receive a link after the training. (There may be extra costs for clients for this service.)

So how do I find out more?

Give us a call on 020 7096 1995 or drop us an email via
training @ davidthomasmedia.com.

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Available web-based courses are listed below:

Thu 16Feb2023

Finance for Freelancers (Cult Cymru)

A fun webinar for anyone who wants to be more organised with their money and understand how tax works. Perfect for people who hate spreadsheets.

From 10:00am until 1pm

Venue: Webinar using Zoom

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Tue 28 - Tue 28Feb2023

Beyond Redundancy: Setting up as a Sole Trader (BECTU/Prospect, 2 x 2 hours)

An interactive workshop across 2 mornings for production people going through redundancy and setting up on their own.

From 10:00 until 12pm each day

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What our clients say:

Thanks for the video and for the session on Monday. I really enjoyed and found it very useful. Diolch.

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